Five images

I have had some serious photo-lust going over this farm site for at least three years.  When I go walking, I park my car maybe 10 yards from the property, sigh mightily and promise myself that I will beg the owners for permission to shoot the many buildings there.


But it’s not easy to walk up to a stranger’s door, introduce yourself and ask permission to roam around their yard with a camera.


Last night when I parked in my usual spot, there were actually folks out front and buoyed by…I don’t know…having had a really good day, I made myself do it.

I won’t kid you: I choked, babbled and blushed like a nervous suitor. In fact, I was so nervous that I (I cannot believe this) neglected to ask anyone’s name. Seriously. As a result, I cannot call ahead to say I’m coming. I don’t even have an address—I just know how to get there. HOWEVER…I have permission to photograph the site. (YES!)


So, this is what I can tell you:  the barns and sheds are over one hundred years old, they are falling down and things are falling down inside them as well. I swore to stay outside of all structures, which is apparently a great idea since families of woodchucks and raccoons have taken over the space. Spiders, too, I’ll bet.

And they are astoundingly beautiful.

The buildings. Not the spiders.

Now, I HAVE always felt that woodchucks are truly handsome creatures, but perhaps I am straying…


When I started to process this bunch, I made myself a promise: no fussing with the colors. The reds are not pumped up, but truly pop this way on the weathered gray boards.




I will pack smelling salts in my camera bag when I go back, because I am going to be doing some serious swooning.


really big fan

The gritty paint, color mix, frame-around-the frame…I swear this looks like a painting. However, but for standard corrections in RAW, this is an exhaust fan as discovered in an alley in Springfield, Illinois.

Seven breath-taking images from the Tennessee highway system. 

Your friend, Wabi Sabi, is a low-maintenance adventurer. When it is my turn to drive, I am all about the task at hand: eyes on the road, scenery be damned.

When it is my turn to ride shotgun, I do it with a Canon. (In the spirit of full disclosure, if I am NOT taking pictures, I am quite possibly slumped against the window, leaving little drool trails on the glass.)

The Great State of Tennessee is not tall but is mighty wide, taking several hours to traverse, thus giving me ample opportunity to put my camera to good use.


tail lights sized

stand still sized

winding road sized

rain slice sized

big red truck

yellow truck


panoramic hill shot sized

Your take-aways from this post?

Tennessee is mountainous, and Wabi Sabi is a woman easily amused.

I dulled the colors and details on #3 and #7, choosing a deliberately throw-back look reminiscent  of faded travel post cards from the 1950’s.

Three images and a few lyrics.

Am I blue
Am I blue
Ain’t these tears in my eyes tellin’ you

Am I blue

You would be, too
If your plans with your man
Done fell through


There was a time
That I was his only one
And now I’m the sad and lonely one, lonely…”


With nods to Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Robbins and the Abandoned Sawmill

Wabi Sabi returns in two weeks. Stay away from my sawmill while I am gone.

Whaddaya think?

A. Quiet Riot or

B. Silence of the Lambs or…


say it with me, now:

C. Abandoned Sawmill.

You make the call.

Five images

Just playing with some mood here.






Actually, one of my favorite sites is named, appropriately enough,  “Noir” and showcases…daily, no less!…the wonderful black and white photography of my blogger-friend, Gavin.

Six images

A return to the sawmill series, looking at some rusty details.

Two different shots here. I framed the pipe up in both portrait and landscape. Each says something a little different.



I’ve not been Faithful Blogger this fall season. (NOT that I have been unfaithful to you. No, no no.)


I decided that this year, I would take full and glorious advantage of being unemployed and scheduled as many adventures as two months could hold. Good plan, Wabi Sabi!


Four trips down, one (maybe two?) to go: I believe I have used these two months to their fullest, though as a result, I’ve been light on the posting and commenting.


I’m not one to make excuses, but some of the places I’ve been have heretofore only been glimpsed by the Google Earth satellite. And then, as you well know, internet connections are often spotty in war zones. And what do you DO when a python eats your backup battery? I may have mentioned that I was (true story) drummed out of the Girl Scouts when I was 12 for being “insubordinate.” Well, apparently I missed the Heimlich on a Python badge work.


What I’m trying to say is that once I am home and fully debriefed by the State Department on this last little outing, I will give you my undivided attention.