Six images

The abandoned farm around the corner. There’s a tear-down in progress, though I’ve never seen anyone working at the site.





I think these last two ladder shots have a little Wyeth vibe going for them.



Because nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like a gallery of vintage hubcaps!




Love, love, love this color!

Seriously…this is creating a potential hazard for me.  I am scanning cars as I drive, noticing little details that I would have completely glossed over before I started on this series. Is it possible that I am going to be some kind of….what would you call it?  Not a gearhead. I just want to…look.

Oh…and take photos of what I am seeing.

And show them to people so that they can have car crushes, too.

Maybe what that makes me is…hmmm…a photographer?

More nameplates/insignias/badges from the classic car junk yard.


I really like the first shot, in no small part because of the way the sunlight casts shadows of the leaves and softens the whole picture.


If I was all about documenting, then I suppose I would be hauling around spots or fretting about the uneven quality of the sunlight as it filters through the pines and hits the cars. Instead, I am delighted with how that sunlight has made itself right at home in the pictures. (Click to view these as a gallery.)

And, speaking of name-dropping, I am delighted to tell you that “With Your Chrome Heart Shining” was juried into the 2016 Midwest Seasons exhibit, opening in January. (I really love this picture.)

PDerozier_With Your Chrome Heart Shining_Photography_12x18_Entry 1



Back to the junkyard for a sampling of the Fords.



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