ive had this dream before

Yesterday’s ethereal beauty minus the glam, though she is still quite a looker.






As before, these were shot with my camera (Canon 60D) hand held, with a prime 60mm lens and an aperture setting of f2.8. 

After waxing enthusiastic about the eyeball-searing color of a high summer garden, you were probably expecting me to crack your monitor with some examples. Instead, I offer quite the opposite: some soft portraits of the most prominent flower in my garden: the Golden Glow. (I think this is a flower that falls under the larger umbrella of “Prairie Sunflowers.”)  You can find her in gardens, but more often running wild in the fields. She’s tall: I’m 5’8″ and many of the flowers are more than a foot above my head.

And, she is a brilliant gold, but for today’s posting, I have removed color from the equation in order to better highlight the grace and texture, shadow and mystery of this beauty, transforming a sorta-weedy wildflower into an elegant lady.

On a quick technical note, I was using a 60mm lens set to f2.8,  giving that wonderfully blurred background and playing up the softness of the petals. Most of the shots were taken in the early morning or around sunset. I was not using a tripod.





I played with the how much I desaturated the colors. As you can see in the two just above, there is just a hint, a mere hint of gold left in the portrait. The stems aren’t really green: they are just THINKING about the color green.

In the next two, I opted for a stricter black and white interpretation:



It’s that glorious time of the summer when Mother Nature, giddy with her own power, lets it all fly in one mind-bending go-for-broke explosion of flowers. My beds (and I use the term loosely since I am not a tidy gardener) look as though a cosmic color box has dropped on them, tubes and pots of brilliant color spilling all across their expanse.

I’ve tried to ignore all that color-rioting, but I can’t. I dug out my 60mm lens and have been wandering, a little giddy myself, through both my own gardens and the fields behind my house.

white slice


pink slice

Purple Coneflower

queen slice

Queen Anne’s Lace

yellow slice

Golden Glow

This may take a few days to sort out.

Meditations on an abandoned Chevy. Six images.

I took multiple images of the car as a whole but they were not nearly as intriguing as the engine shots.







Early morning light, shadows and a variety of textures combine to provide a contemplative moment or two.





Draperies, hotel room.

Door County, Wisconsin.




Motion blur, light manipulation (and, really–isn’t that what photography is all about?) or, as I think of it: light scraping. Pulling out the details and leaving an impression of light and color. Whatever it is, I can’t shake my fascination with trees and reeds and other lovely upright botanical marvels shot in this impressionistic style.

You do not want to be driving in the woods with me. Trust me.