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A pause from the world of ore docks and iron mines…

world flipped over

I celebrated a milestone birthday this weekend–one that forced me to admit I can’t fake it anymore. I really do belong to that OTHER age group now. For two months prior to the big day, I fretted about what it meant globally, personally and  cosmically.  I practiced saying my new age aloud to anyone who would listen. It was like I had Birthday-Specific Tourette’s. People skittered away from me in the grocery store.

I never ever imagined myself being this old. Seriously. Not ever, and I worry because as I continue to scooch down the demographic bench,  I am getting a lot closer to that other edge.

However, after a few weeks of making these spontaneous age announcements, it was obvious to even a self-obsessed  person such as myself that no one–no one!– gives a flying fiddle how old I am. 

That epiphany came packaged with the realization that I don’t actually care, either. I just thought I was supposed to.

The whole ACK! thing flipped over into a YES!

Bring it on!

(And if I can prove that I’m really okay, they will let me back into the grocery store.)

No fakery in the shot above. I flipped a reflection shot over for a different perspective.