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Taken on the Main Street Bridge shortly before and shortly after dawn, Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Click for a gallery slideshow.

My next couple of posts will explain what I was doing hanging around in predawn Green Bay.

Okay…you forced me to tell you why. (Wow! You are good!) The Tall Ships were in town and your friend really wanted to take pictures of the ships,  but she faced two large hurdles on her way to that goal.

#1. Wabi Sabi hates crowds. Not Walking Around Crowds or City Street Crowds…those are cool… but Line Up to Get Someplace Crowds. She gets…hmmm…cranky. You should see her when she boards an airplane or attends a venue without assigned seating.

#2. Wabi Sabi does not wish to spend a bucket of money to stand in long lines and then share her personal bubble with people she does not know.  Many thousands of people attended this three day event under cloudless skies, with temps kissing 90 degrees. My fair skin is a gift from my Irish ancestors and I would have looked like a pork rind long before I had the chance to even approach the first ship.

Given those issues, I decided to be downtown well ahead of anyone else and see what I could capture. The Main Street Bridge was a pretty good vantage point for taking pictures of the ships but all those lovely crack ‘o dawn shadows on the bridge were a real distraction.

Next time: Actual ship pictures.

Early morning light, shadows and a variety of textures combine to provide a contemplative moment or two.





Draperies, hotel room.

Enough with the rolling corn fields and other bucolic images from America’s Dairyland. Let’s get edgy.

Denmark, Wisconsin. Five pictures and nary a red barn nor a gamboling calf to be found among them.






Six images.

One final collection of shots from Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay. Best viewed at full-sized.

20150207_8447                                      20150207_8506 


20150207_8549       20150207_8547


It is cold here. Numbingly cold. Hell-is-freezing-over quality cold. I believe that today in Green Bay we warmed to a toasty +1 degrees F…but that doesn’t factor in the brutal wind chill factor. I was–reluctantly–out and about and can tell you that every single penny spent on the heated seats in my car was a splendid investment. However, despite the ravages of the cold here in Green Bay, there is little snow on the ground and this means that my snowshoes are still hanging in the basement.

I expect that I am whining to the choir on this score. The Minnesota branch of La Famille Wabi Sabi is also under siege by the same bitter cold. My family in Atlanta will be looking at single digit temps tomorrow. Our New Hampshire tribe has endured not only great cold, but over 10 feet of snow so far this winter.

Which brings me to my friend, Karen, whom you’ve met in these posts before: the last time we were together, we were poking around in the abandoned saw mill. Yesterday, her home of Marquette, Michigan was awarded the dubious title of “Snowiest City in America,” having logged over 150 inches of snow so far this winter.



“Constantly risking absurdity
and death
whenever he performs
above the heads
of his audience
the poet like an acrobat
climbs on rime
to a high wire of his own making
 above a sea of faces
paces his way
to the other side of the day
performing entrachats
and sleight-of-foot tricks
and other high theatrics
and all without mistaking
any thing
for what it may not be
For he’s the super realist
who must perforce perceive
taut truth
before the taking of each stance or step
in his supposed advance toward that still higher perch
where Beauty stands and waits
with gravity
to start her death-defying leap And he
a little charleychaplin man
who may or may not catch
her fair eternal form
spreadeagled in the empty air
of existence “

Lawrence Ferlinghetti:    Constantly Risking Absurdity


Ahhh…I have loved that poem forever.

 Taken at the shipyard a week ago.  It was a gray and overcast day which threw all exposures off. Thus, once I had corrected the overall exposure and white balance, the entire sky disappeared. This would, of course, be exceedingly cool if the background for this blog theme was black or at least a dark color. As it is, white on white…not so much. I hope that by converting to a near-black and white the boldness of the lines can take the lead.


Five images

Just playing with some mood here.






Actually, one of my favorite sites is named, appropriately enough,  “Noir” and showcases…daily, no less!…the wonderful black and white photography of my blogger-friend, Gavin.