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Even though temps are in the low 80’s this week and humidity is high,  the signs are there if you are paying attention.





Next week: A full week (I think) of fog shots

Six images. Best viewed full-sized.

A field of unharvested sunflowers.  I have dreamed of getting into the field with my super wide-angle lens, lying on my back and shooting straight up. That didn’t happen today. With temps in the upper teens and a brisk January wind blowing, I took what I could get before I lost all feeling in my fingers.







On a winter’s day.

Well, two days, actually, but let’s take some poetic license here, shall we?

Snowfall, Bayshore Park


Field behind the old Nooyen Farm


The Sisters’ Orchard


The Sisters’ Field


Dusk in front of Holy Cross Church


Corner of Church and Bay Settlement Roads


And the sky is gray.

I forget that the transition from autumn to winter here can be miserable: wet gray and cold. Today was all of that and more. Wind and rain gradually changed to snow and a road near my house has just been closed due to glare ice.

These shots are from Bayshore Park this afternoon. I love walking here in the fall. The smell of wood smoke hangs in the air mixed with the clean wet smell of leaves underfoot and I have seen cedar trees dense with cedar waxwings doing their best to strip the berries from the trees.

Come winter, it is the absolutely best place to snowshoe. The campground is closed and if you don’t mind breaking your own trails, you can wander large untouched stretches of brilliant white snow at will.

Late fall/early winter, however? The park is not fit for man nor beast.

But…photographers, maybe.

Some reflections from Bayshore:








I was prepping several more shots from the feed mill, but this one has to be a stand-alone.


Caution: if you suffer from ophidiophobia or a deep fear of snakes, stop here and catch up with me in a day or so. (Three images)

Yahoo! Time for our annual trek to Camp ZZ tucked deep in the heart of the UP. Four days of no electricity and no wi-fi, it is true, but a generator, pump, marine batteries, gas-driven fridge…you get the idea. Roughing it? Yes. Will CBS schedule “Survivor: U.P.” at this locale? Not so much. But there is no Starbucks within a hundred miles.

And I did draw a top bunk this time. There’s a weird time travel thing going on here: the guys who own the camp bought the bunk beds from Northern Michigan University in Marquette and installed them at camp. We all lived in the dorms at NMU mumblety-mumble years ago (the earth was still flat) so it is POSSIBLE that I have travelled all this way in my life just to climb into the same bunk I slept in as a 20-year-old.

This is a same-but-different aside,  but I have never returned to the house I grew up in since it was sold. It’s my understanding that it has been turned into a Ribs-to-Go joint. Wabi Sabi has an inventive mind, but even she could not fabricate that little detail.

We got up close and personal with a couple of the fulltime residents of the camp who are in charge of rodent and critter management: the pine snake or western fox snake (elaphe vulpine.) Three of them, actually, though I was assured that they do not travel in packs. Everything that I have read since I came home says that the snakes are from 3 to 5 feet in length. Huh! The first fellow shown here is 10 feet long, there is one checking in at 8 feet and then one at the prescribed 5 foot mark.

Even if snakes DO scare you spitless (and truly, I am not a big fan) put that aside for a moment, click on the images for greater detail and marvel at how beautiful their skin is against the wood.




Some additional shots of the railroad bridge in Hastings.






Be honest: I’ve been gone for a week and you were wondering if it would be necessary to launch a “Free Wabi Sabi!”  letter-writing campaign.

I am back safely in Wisconsin. While I really don’t care to go into the whole pie escapade (on advice of counsel,)  I will say that there is more than one place to slip across the Minnesota border to avoid jack-booted guards wielding canisters of Reddi-Whip.

But, ooooh…..Damn those pie-sniffing dogs!

old master

From the same lumber yard in Columbus. I like these people!

“What a tale my thoughts could tell.”  Gordon Lightfoot

Unfortunately, even I can’t read what’s in my mind half the time: What was that guy’s name?  Whose baby pictures are those? Is today Tuesday? Or… if I go to order new glasses, god forbid I should remember to bring 1. new prescription, 2. insurance card and 3. a checkbook. Forgot all three. Really. The information is all in my head, of course, piled up on imaginary tables or stuffed into mental folders, but sometimes just not readily available.

If you could read my mind, Love, this is probably the first thing you’d see:


Not really a portrait of my memory bank, but of a lumber company in Columbus, Wisconsin…if I remember correctly…

ws kaukauna in context

A toast: To old friends everywhere!

Door #11 in a series of 12 offerings.