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Windows and windshields in context. Best viewing: click on any image for a slide show.

I think next time it would be fun for you to see the junkyard as it: rows and rows of cars, sometimes individual cars, other times several vehicles piled up on each other.  Fully half of my shots that day were taken using a 60mm lens so few of my images are of entire cars (or piles of them) but I do have enough to give you some sense of the place.

From the Department of Shameless Self-Promotion comes this quick blurb: Your friend, Wabi Sabi, has a piece in this juried show (The 9th Annual CoPA Juried Photography Exhibition) opening Friday night in Milwaukee.


Continuing with yesterday’s theme–windows and windshields.

I’ve not created a post before that uses this format of tiling rather than individually presenting shots. I think I like it because of the gallery effect–just click on one of the images and you will get a slideshow plus the ability to comment on an individual picture if you want. Having wanted to change the theme/format/appearance of the blog for quite a while now (can you say “lazy”?) I think this will provide the nudge I need to get working on that.

I always appreciate your comments and observations.

Unless it has to do with the quality of my housekeeping. Or that I never remember to put gas in the car.

But, other than that, constructive commentary always welcomed. Cheeky commentary welcomed with enthusiasm.

Five images.

More details from the classic car junkyard. This time: windows and windshields. The images work best in full-screen view.






More tomorrow.

The Final Four from The Old Barn.  (To better catch the details, click on the photos to enlarge.)

I showed you this window in an earlier post, but here’s a different crop. If I had to tell you why I am so fond of this picture–and I am!–I think it comes down to the nails.

All of them.

There are plenty to love.


I considered cropping this next shot down to just feature the window, but there are so many components–ropes and shingles, fallen door with some aggressive nails–I decided to leave them all in to flavor the stew.

(This also illustrates why the owners were hesitant about my getting too close to the structure.)


Another brilliant green and red combo on a field of gray.


Finally, one last Wabi Sabi window. Before the series is finished, I will show you this window set in the context of an entire wall. Guaranteed: you will love it.


Next time, we’ll check out some Old Barn hardware.

Wabi Sabi is once more preparing to make the journey to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Last year’s pie wasn’t a great success despite all the effort I put into baking it and transporting and sneaking it across the state line. This year I am being far more reasonable and am packing my espresso machine, milk frother and half a dozen bottles of wine.

And enough cash to buy a pie at the Duty-Free Pie Shop just across the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

EVERY committee you have ever served on:

20141020_Oct Road Trip_5035

You really must blow the image up to fully appreciate the complete disinterest of the crowd.