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A shot of pure unscripted HAPPY to jump-start your week.


Moving away from the street side, public face of the orphanage to the back side of the building: less ornate, more utilitarian.

Less scary.



The plywood has weathered to an exotic tribal pattern. I like it.



Of all the shots I took of the orphanage, this last is my favorite. Family portrait? Urban life? There’s that, but I also like how all the shapes line up and balance, with the pigeons being a pure bonus.



Kathy, from The Copper Llama Farm, sent me a really nice note about my post earlier this week that featured her “gals.” The llama with the multi-colored hair is “Confetti” and the Renaissance beauty is named “Vanilla Chai.” Had I been consulted, my vote would have been for “Lucrezia.”

Am I the only person who thinks “Dolly” would be an outstanding name for a llama? Or, are you all thinking it but afraid to say it out loud?

The Calatrava is not the only fine art venue in Milwaukee.

2013Apr20_3259 as Smart Object-1

2013Apr20_3260 as Smart Object-1

2013Apr20_3254 as Smart Object-1

A couple of things: sometimes I apply a very light filter of brush strokes to pictures when I am trying for an effect that is one step removed from reality. It is virtually unnoticeable on my screen at full-throttle pixels, but powered down in order to upload to the blog, that effect becomes a little stronger than I would like.

I was in Milwaukee for Gallery Night and the opening of the 2013 CoPA Member Show.  I include the following photo to show you the two pictures I have in the show and to prove that I survived my first week back in the classroom with no head wounds. The turtleneck, vest, scarf and jacket?  I’ve come to think of this outfit as the Midwest Burqa. Yes, it was snowing and blowing Friday night.