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Without getting too detailed, let’s just say that on Saturday an intervention was run on your friend Wabi Sabi. Apparently Ms Sabi has become increasingly cranky since her return from vacation and it was decided that for the good of the entire free world, she should be taken to the Wisconsin/Michigan border and forced to photograph old rusty things until she exorcised some of that…hmmm…artistic aggression.

It worked.

Menominee River.  The William H Donner, former laker turned stationary crane ship, anchored on the Marinette side of the river.

“They also serve who only stand and wait.”





Moody? Brooding? Slightly…threatening…like


some off-planet high security prison?


I am fascinated by the brushstrokes. While I can’t believe this entire ship would have been painted by hand…it sure does look like it. Blow up slices of the whole and these look more like a series of paintings that a series of photos.



What follows is a paragraph filled with Wabi Sabi Whining. Feel free to move on to something more satisfying.

When I went to Paris, I brought my Canon 60D and two lenses: 17-85 mm and a 50mm. On Day 3, the 17-85 stopped working, flashing the “connection” error message. The 50mm was a last minute add and I am ever-grateful that I had it. (I would have had to go lens-shopping in a second language.) I made gentle cleaning attempts–no good–and brought it in to the professionals when I got it home. A dozen shots into Saturday’s fun…and the connection error is back. This time I had a second body plus a 70-300mm lens with me, so I didn’t have to abandon the day. At the same time, though, the shots I did get were not the ones I would have taken with the 17-85mm. So….Monday afternoon will see me back at the camera store. If I have to go without this lens for several weeks, I am just going to cancel summer.