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Rochester, Minnesota.

At the very heart of Rochester is the world-famous Mayo Clinic. If you have ever visited Rochester, then you will know that the pictures which follow aren’t doctored (ha! I get it!) photoshopped or otherwise distorted.

Reflections and colors change with the lighting all through the day.

I’m always surprised that the streets around the clinic and Peace Plaza aren’t jammed with camera-wielding crazies like myself, but I have rarely seen anyone else taking pictures.

When I was processing these shots and choosing the ones I wanted for this post, I was tempted to crop severely, leaving just interesting squares of colors and lines. (Actually, I played with that quite a bit, but I really wanted you to see what an extraordinary setting this is.)

I do suggest that if you find the pictures intriguing, you click on them to view larger. They are seriously beautiful on a big screen.