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I think I can. I think I can.

 red kayak1

nightfall going home crop

Five images

Although I was there for less than 24 hours, it is fair to say that I have developed a super-crush on Chattanooga. The Tennessee River winds through the city and there’s no shortage of bridges to move folks from one side of the river to the other.

20141020_Oct Road Trip_5104

20141020_Oct Road Trip_5021

The first image was taken from the Walnut Street Bridge, an amazing structure that is the second-longest pedestrian bridge in the country. The second is of the underside of that bridge.

The last three images are of the Market Street Bridge.

20141020_Oct Road Trip_4956

20141020_Oct Road Trip_4961

20141020_Oct Road Trip_4977

Love the kayakers in the final shot. Their presence makes the pillars appear gargantuan in contrast.

Seven breath-taking images from the Tennessee highway system. 

Your friend, Wabi Sabi, is a low-maintenance adventurer. When it is my turn to drive, I am all about the task at hand: eyes on the road, scenery be damned.

When it is my turn to ride shotgun, I do it with a Canon. (In the spirit of full disclosure, if I am NOT taking pictures, I am quite possibly slumped against the window, leaving little drool trails on the glass.)

The Great State of Tennessee is not tall but is mighty wide, taking several hours to traverse, thus giving me ample opportunity to put my camera to good use.


tail lights sized

stand still sized

winding road sized

rain slice sized

big red truck

yellow truck


panoramic hill shot sized

Your take-aways from this post?

Tennessee is mountainous, and Wabi Sabi is a woman easily amused.

I dulled the colors and details on #3 and #7, choosing a deliberately throw-back look reminiscent  of faded travel post cards from the 1950’s.