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Friday evening will find me at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau for the reception and opening of the 25th Midwest Seasons Show. This is the fourth year in a row I have had work in this show and I am very honored to have been juried in again this year.

The juror chose a favorite piece of mine: All Summer in a Day. Generally I grumble about writing an artist’s statement for shows, but for this picture, I was eager to explain the title, the circumstances…the whole thing. While it’s likely no one read it,  I was glad to have the opportunity to express in words what I was trying for in my photo.



The title of this piece, All Summer in a Day, comes from a favorite short story by Ray Bradbury about a planet where it rains incessantly but for one brilliant afternoon every seven years.

I took the photo mid-afternoon on Labor Day, 2014, at Green Bay’s Bay Beach Amusement Park.

It had been raining lightly on and off all day and in a few hours, the park would mark the end of its official Summer Season. The next morning would mark the official start for area schools. But balanced delicately on a cusp between those two events, a “right here, right now” moment if I ever saw one, was a never-ending slice of Ferris Wheels, Bumper Cars and cotton candy rich enough to hold all the joys of an entire summer. Children and adults streamed through the park, oblivious to the occasional showers, intent only on getting to the next ride.

I caught the man and woman gazing up at the Ferris Wheel in one of the afternoon puddles. The only manipulation that I did with this photograph was to rotate it so that the scene was not upside-down.

For a link to the CVA site, click here:


On Friday I had to drive to the CVA gallery in Wausau in order to retrieve one of my pictures and my friend, Gina, graciously agreed to come along to serve as both Master Navigator and Shotgun.  Gina’s job as Master Navigator was mostly to talk Siri down from Defcon 4 every time Siri realized we were ignoring her.  Her job as Shotgun consisted of providing snacks and keeping her eyes peeled for a Starbucks. She acquitted herself admirably on all fronts.

Post-gallery and pre-coffee, we found ourselves on a narrow sidestreet (with Siri having yet another meltdown) where the following treasure presented itself.


No clue what the story is here, but the whole building is a wabi sabi hoedown. The first picture was taken by Gina with her phone from the comfort of her (heated) seat.

This next one is mine which I achieved by nosing my car into half a parking space, clamboring through a snowbank toting all my equipment and risking life and limb on an ice-glazed parking lot for the sake of my art.


Just saying.

That wierd bow to the double line of blocks is not a lens-based distortion. It seriously curves in just as it looks. And while I do not undertand what I am looking at, I do love the whole random effect here. Is this wall going back up with repairs or coming down for good? (Once again I suggest that you click on the picture for a larger view. It looks far better that way.)

While on the general topic of lenses, let me mention that if you are checking your LCD screen after your initial shot to determine if you need to change settings and things are horribly dark, don’t necessarily start cranking up your ISO or otherwise try to improve the quality of available light. First, you should recall that you are wearing your brand new glasses with transition lenses and you are essentially trying to read the screen through sunglasses.

Not that this happened to me.